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Tint My Ride - Auto Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, car Alarms and More - Santa Fe, New Mexico 8
Tint My Ride - Auto Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, car Alarms and More - Santa Fe, New Mexico 9

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Tint My Ride

Locally Owned

Family-owned and established in 1993, our business success is from the dedicated effort to please our customers. We stand up to our reputation by providing top-of-the-line products, installed using professional techniques. Our master tinter has served over 24 years in the military and has 30 years of experience tinting all makes and models of vehicles and has spent thousands of hours at residential and commercial sites making homeowners and business people comfortable in their everyday settings. Tint My Ride is Licensed and Insured!

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Ceramic Car Tint

  • A wide variety of shades
  • Tints that maximize heat and UV protection
  • Protection from the sun’s damaging rays, including interior and skin damage
  • Films that can match and enhance factory private glass
  • Privacy for everyone and everything in the vehicle
Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic film developed with a patented formula that exceeds competitor standards for optimal film performance. Nano- scaled carbon particles provide top notch color stability without sacrificing clarity, while nano-encapsulated ceramic particles give lasting durability and outstanding heat rejection. In short – it’s the perfect combination film to give you enhanced privacy and protection from the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays while safeguarding your car’s interior and increasing your car’s performance.
Tint My Ride - Auto Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, car Alarms and More - Santa Fe, New Mexico

We Offer

Phantom S5

Phantom S7

Phantom S9

Tint My Ride - Auto Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, car Alarms and More - Santa Fe, New Mexico 4

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) provides ultimate protection while keeping its clarity over time. It will not easily stain, yellow, or change colors. Apply our paint protection film and be rest assured that your car’s exterior color will not only be free of minor scratches and dings, but also maintain its original color.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano-coatings are highly-concentrated formulas that used to provide superior protection on paint, glass, chrome, carbon fiber, and even vinyl or paint protection film. A ceramic coating is a great way to protect your daily driver or valuable vehicle.
Tint My Ride - Auto Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, car Alarms and More - Santa Fe, New Mexico 2
Viper Car Alarms in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Viper is security and convenience for your modern lifestyle. Viper is the world’s best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. We use cutting-edge technology to make sure you are in control, providing range and features you can count on every time. USE YOUR SMARTPHONE TO MANAGE, MONITOR & PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE Remotely start your vehicle to warm or cool its climate before travel. Lock your vehicle’s doors when you realize they may be unlocked! Check your vehicle’s alarm system status to see whether it has been triggered. Decipher your engine errors with Diagnostic Trouble Code explanations.

Viper is proud to introduce our most affordable 2-Way security system, which will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the Stinger®️ DoubleGuard®️ shock sensor, Revenger®️ six-tone siren and Failsafe®️ Starter Kill. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry. Comes with one 2-Way and one 1-Way remote.
LCD Screen
1 LCD 2-Way and 1 5-button 1-Way
Up to 1/4 Mile Range


Auto Glass Replacement

Windshield Camera Recalibration: The automobile industry is constantly looking for new ways to increase safety for drivers and passengers alike. Today an increasing number of new vehicles are coming equipped with Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS).

Side & Rear Windshield Glass Replacement
Your front windshield is not the only glass on your vehicle. Having a broken or cracked side window is very common Like your windshield, your side windows also need proper installation to guarantee your windows’ open and close functionality. Whether foreign, domestic, new, or old, our technicians can expertly replace sidecar window glass on your vehicle.

The Windshield Replacement Process
What to expect the day of your windshield replacement. An auto glass technician will begin by introducing themself and walking you through the replacement process from start to finish.
• They will start by completely removing the damaged windshield.
• Then remove any broken glass, old adhesive or debris from your vehicle.
• Next install the new windshield using specialty equipment, primers, and adhesives.
• Lastly, the technician will let you know when it will be safe for you to drive your vehicle. Allowing time for the new adhesive to set and dry properly.

Windshield Replacement (ADAS) Recalibration
Newer vehicles are now being equipped with the Advanced Driver Assistance Safety System (ADAS). These systems rely on cameras located in the center of your windshield to govern emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane-departure warnings. When
you have your windshield replaced, it is sometimes necessary to have your ADAS recalibrated.

Mobile Windshield Replacement Services
Can’t make it to us? No problem, we offer an easy and convenient mobile glass service option where we will come to your home, office, or other location to complete your windshield replacement.